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Adventures in Photography:

Book Review “Beautiful Whale”
by Bryant Austin

Bryant Austin’s new release “Beautiful Whale” is a must read for any wildlife photographer, nature lover or whale enthusiast. Mr. Austin spent more than five years photographing whales up close; as in eye to eye close. His goal was to create the first full size images of whales. Many of his images are more than twenty feet long and weigh over five hundred pounds! His book documents the story of creating these images and the amazing encounters he had with these beautiful creatures.

Mr. Austin pioneered new techniques for photographing whales within five feet. He was inspired by a whale calf and mother that swam to him and essentially shook hands with him in 2005. This astounding meeting of two different species would be the first of many for Bryant Austin.

Motivated to help protect whales from hunting, pollution, and collisions with large vessels, Bryant sold all of his worldly possessions to produce this collection of awe inspiring images. He became an artist completely devoted to raising awareness about the need to do more to protect whales, our oceans and our planet in general. Occasionally, we are fortunate to see a master’s artwork transform our culture. In this case, Mr. Austin may just transform our environment through his efforts. In his book he asks readers to consider making some easy changes to our daily lives such as shutting off lights when we leave a room and avoid using single use plastic containers. He believes that if we all pitch in, we will make a positive impact on our planet.

Mr. Austin’s story resonates with me, because I saw firsthand the natural curiosity of a humpback whale calf in 2006. While on a whale watch with the Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown, a humpback calf and its mother approached the boat and swam underneath and alongside it for nearly an hour. Seeing the whales within ten feet and being sprayed with water expelled from the mother whale’s blowhole was an experience I will never forget.

The imagery by Bryant Austin is truly stunning. Every detail of numerous humpback, sperm and minke whales is clearly shown. These images are not mere documentation photos. They are artworks that are truly worthy of their beautiful subjects. Mr. Austin’s writing style is concise and informative, while telling an entertaining tale. This book is a must purchase for all artists, environmentalists and whale admirers. You may purchase this book through Abrams Books at Abramsbooks.com

This Month’s Tip: Read and study as many photographers works as possible. By studying other artists’ works, you may derive new techniques and inspirations for your own work. This is an important method for developing your own artistic style.


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